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Bird Removal And Prevention In Houston

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Bird Removal And Prevention

Birds are gorgeous to watch. Their behaviors and the soothing sounds make one fascinated and want to stay near them for a longer time. The urge is high especially if you love traveling and site seeing. However, do not bring these creatures close to you as they also come with their drawbacks.  They are a nuisance to a home and can also infect you with diseases. It is advisable to get rid of the birds by hiring experienced Bird Removal & Prevention personnel in Houston.  Get this service from Anytime Chimney Services Houston TX. We are located in Houston, and we know all the laws governing bird removal .call us now.

Common bird pests in the compound.


  • Pigeon also called the rock dove- this is the leading nuisance in many homes primarily in the urban setting. They move in flocks and settle in your home. When you see this, be sure of several damages including noise and droppings.  The droppings of these birds are very acidic. They discolor your structure despite its nature. The droppings will also contain pathogens that will infect any human being.
  • Starting- the problem with this bird is that it can penetrate tight places. They will, therefore, enter your homes even when you have prevented the house especially from the mediocre companies around. They are very noisy and will deny you peace of mind and imagine how they travel in large flocks!
  • Sparrow – these birds are the main causes of the blockages in the chimney vents due to their nesting’s. They also destroy the aesthetic value of your home as the nest in visible places.  Their dropping can also deface your structures.

Why do you need bird removal and prevention services in Houston?

  • Birds are a nuisance and can easily cause you and your family diseases. The diseases include Histoplasmosis, E.Coli, Salmonellosis, and Candidiasis.
  • Nesting materials are very flammable. When the birds build their nests in places like the chimney or the dryer vents, there are possibilities of causing fire outbreak.
  • The nesting’s and the droppings devalue your home due to the discoloration from the droppings and visibility of the nests blogging ventilation.
  • Nuisance birds flying inside and around stores or your rooms may cause havoc, and the droppings may destroy things in your house including contamination of food.
  • Birds are a health hazard especially when they are many in your home.
  • Some will even perch on or scratch the electrical cables like the wares connecting solar panels to the house. This can either cause a defect or even a fire outbreak.

Can I remove and prevent birds on my own?

The answer is, do you have the right skills, the right material and understand animal protection rights? Most probably no.  Therefore it is essential to get professionals who will remove you from this mess as soon as possible. Are you searching for that bird removal and preventions services in Houston Texas? Look no more for Anytime Chimney Services Houston TX is your companion in this. We have the right tools and highly skilled personnel that will remove birds from your home in a humane manner owing to the government regulations.  We have in operation for over 20 years, and we aim to see bird free Texas.

Humane bird prevention services

  • We not only remove birds from your home, but we also prevent them from coming and nesting. We have various ways of preventions depending on your choice.
  • Galvanized steel screening prevents birds from accessing your wall vents and roof. This will allow proper air flow in your house.
  • Wildlife Exclusion sealants are applied in small cracks and crevices to prevent small birds from accessing the soffits and attics.
  • Bird Netting prevents the birds from overhangs and beneath awnings. This method provides lasting protection from any structure.
  • Bird wire is a tough wire installed along any flat surface to prevent birds from landing as it makes the surface uncomfortable for the birds to land.
  • Bird spikes prevent the birds from roosting on eaves, loges, chimneys, and beams.

For all these services, call us today and reserve. You can also visit our offices anytime even during the weekend. We are ready to help you rid of birds from your home.

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