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Solar Panel Cleaning In Houston

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean solar panels perform better than a dirty one.  The dirty panels always produce less electricity and hence no efficiency.   Will you sit back and relax when you are not getting the value of your money? We understand how expensive it to purchase a good quality solar panel and that is why we are there to maintain your home by offering you the best Solar cleaning service.   At Any time Chimney Services Houston TX, we mean what we do for our clients. Call us today for high-value solar panel cleaning in Houston.

Do you need environmental friendly solar cleaning in Houston TX?

If the answer is yes, then call Anytime Chimney Services Houston TX now, we use environmentally friendly detergents.  We understand how valuable your solar is. We will also care for your lane and trees that is why we will use the best products possible to safeguard your environment.

Can you clean your solar panel with your hose?

When you use water from your home, there is the possibility of causing more harm to your solar panel. The natural water from Houston is full of minerals. It is therefore hard and will leave mineral substances like chalk, dolomite, and limestone to your panel hence causing corrosion effects on your panel.   The hard water does not only shade your panel leading to loss of energy but also attract more dust.  Experts from Anytime Chimney Services Houston TX uses certified methods to clean your solar panel and keep it safe and effective without even tempering with your warrant requirements.

Protect the value of your investment

Buying and installing a functioning solar panel is important endeavor to make for your home or business. It is therefore vital to protect your investment.  But you may be dismayed by the sap from the tree sap, tree leaves, and even the bird droppings. These challenges will diminish the power of your solar panel; hence you are not getting what you expected. Anytime Chimney Services Houston TX    use clean water and commercial detergents specifically for solar panels.   Don’t risk spilling of this water to your lane.  The cleanser is harmful to the environment, and hence a lot of care is required. Constant use of washing soap will damage your solar panel and harm plants and even pets and animals.

Bird proofing

Birds cause a lot of damage to your solar panel. They dirtify it by their droppings. They also land on the wires and even temper with them if this continues while the owners are unsuspicious.  The pets are also very harmful to the solar panels. For more information about proofing your panels against the birds and pets, call us or visit our office. We are in Houston.

The process of solar panel cleaning

Our experts will come to your home and do thorough work while protecting the environment. Below is how they will typically clean the panels:

During the cleaning process, we will not use any chemical or abrasive.

They will inspect the site before starting the operation to ascertain that no harmful situation can be reached in the process.

 Cover all the electrical appliances like the invertors combiner boxes below the area using masking tape before cleaning

  They will use the aerial man lift to reach the surface of the panel to avoid damaging your structure.

 Will use minimum water and guard it against falling on your compound.

 They might use a soft bristle automotive style brush to wash away the accumulated soil surfaces. The brushes are made in a way that they cannot cause fractures to your solar panel.

 If you need solar panel cleaning in Houston Texas, bank on us as we have years of experience, we have cleaned thousands of solar panels and based on their reviews, and we are the leading company in the entire region. We are certified, and our technicians are highly skilled as they follow the recommendations from the solar manufacturers. Anytime Chimney Services Houston TX   is located in Houston and will promptly response to your call at any time. We are online 24 hours a day and throughout the week including evenings and weekends.  Call us now to reserve your space. You can also visit our website for more information. We will be glad to serve you.

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